An open-source application development environment for Python/Tkinter

Thoughts on the graphical layout area

The point of the graphical layout area is to help you quickly layout - and later modify - the frames and widgets within a form. Making it pretty was less of a concern than was making if functional.

In our opinion WYSIWYG is a tool to be used if and when appropraite, not a Holy Grail. We also feel that you have to be careful that things don't degenerate into WYSIWYSW - What You See Is What You're Stuck With. The Rapyd-Tk layout area strives to make obvious what you have requested. What the form will eventually look like is related to but not the same thing as what you requested. We thought about attempting to make the Rapyd-Tk layout area look just like the eventual run-time form but decided against: We felt that rather than doing a half-baked job of showing - at design time - what the form might look like at run time, that we would rather do a good job of showing what you asked for at design time and let the run-time form speak for itself. Since you can run applications from within Rapyd-Tk it is but a single keystroke to save the current project, build it and run it.

However, for those of you who feel the layout absolutely must be WYSIWYG, we encourage you to write your own development system. But you might at least try Rapyd-Tk first; it really works quite well.

Rapyd-Tk started as a little experiment to see what would be involved in creating a graphical front end for the Tkinter pack geometry manager. That was in fact the easy part and involved only a couple of hundred lines of Python code. All the rest of the stuff required to make it a real application and handle all the various odd cases took up the other twenty five thousand lines of code.