An open-source application development environment for Python/Tkinter

Version / Download

Rapyd-Tk is written entirely in Python and thus should run on any machine that supports Python. Rapyd-Tk requires Python version 2.6 or newer. Rapyd-Tk does NOT run on Python 3. It totally amazes us that the Python developers chose to produce a version that was not upward compatible with all the existing Python code. Our enthusiasm for going over 25,000 lines of code with a fine tooth comb is limited.

Rapyd-Tk has been in use for some years now. We use Rapyd-Tk for every Tkinter based program we write and we get very few complaints from Rapyd-Tk users so apparently it works reasonably well. It has been used, without difficulty, to develop a number of serious projects, the largest we are aware of being a program of over 35,000 lines. Click on one of the links to download a copy of RapydTk. The links below contain nearly identical content.

The ".tgz" files contain Linux style LF line endings, while the ".zip" files contain windows style CRLF line endings.

Download rapyd-1-0-2.tgz for Linux

Download rapyd-1-0-2.zip for Windows

Once the file is downloaded, uncompress it and check the file README.TXT for further installation instructions.

If you already have a copy of RapydTk and want to know how the latest version differs from your version, check out the version history file.

Note for Mac users! At one time Rapyd-Tk would conjur up the "lollypop of death" when used on Mac computers. However a report from a user received in July of 2014 says that Rapyd-Tk works fine on a Mac running Mavericks (OS X 10.9). We haven't yet tried this personally but if your Mac is running Mavericks or newer then you are probably good to go with Rapyd-Tk.