An open-source application development environment for Python/Tkinter

Last updated 2018-03-28

What is Rapyd-Tk?

Rapyd-Tk ( Rapid python development with Tkinter) - is an open-source development environment specifically tailored for developing applications using Python, Tkinter and, optionally, Pmw. Some features:

Why would I want to use Rapyd-Tk?

Because you can create and, more importantly, revise and maintain programs faster than you can by hand. You can quickly create the foundation of a program by dividing a form into frames and then dragging widgets from a "widget buffet" onto your form. Set options and pack settings from a convenient editor. Use the bind editor to create bindings and corresponding event handlers. If you've ever created a form and then wanted to rearrange which widgets are where then you will appreciate Rapyd-Tk. In a complex form with lots of nested frames such a rearrangement is a major exercise and a royal pain. With Rapyd-Tk you simply rearrange the frames and drag the widgets to their new location and most or all of the code that generates the widgets gets updated automatically. And it's open source, so it's free. License is GPL version 2.

What does it look like?

Ok, some screen shots. These are thumbnails; click on them to get the full size version. Text under the thumbnail gives a bit of information about each screenshot.




One of the 500+ help pages, in this case a page from the tutorial which takes new users through the process of creating a simple "hello world" application with Rapyd-Tk.

The first screen shot above shows the logical layout requested for a form (in this case the Rapyd-Tk font selector). This screen shot shows the resulting form when the program is run.


Other than installation instructions (which come in a README file as part of the download) all Rapyd-Tk documentation is provided by the help system built into Rapyd. There are over 500 help topic, including a tutorial, that cover all aspects of using Rapyd-Tk.

Rapyd-Tk is based on the tkinter "pack" geometry manager. Around here we know and love the pack manager, and feel it gives a lot of bang for the Euro, so to speak. However, like many things, it does require a bit of effort to learn the ins and outs of the pack manager. The "place" geometry manager doesn't do much but it IS a paragon of simplicity. If you like the "place" manager you might like tk-happy which appears to be a rather more modest project than Rapyd-Tk but it does have the simplicity of the "place" geometry manager.

Rapyd-Tk 1.0 now released

After many years of testing and gradual development, Rapyd-Tk version 1.0 is officially released. New features in this release include an undo/redo feature for the text editor, a proper color-assist dialog, an improved font-assist dialog, better handling of unicode and a great many minor enhancements and corrections.

Please note that some of the new features required changes to the format of the ".rpj" files used to store projects. This version of Rapyd-Tk can read projects produced by older version but the converse is not true: versions of Rapyd-Tk prior to 1.0 are NOT able to read projects produced by this version. The solution is to upgrade the older version of Rapyd-Tk.

Example Project

If you would like to see an example of a serious (as in 35,000 lines of code) project which was developed using Rapyd-Tk then take a look at this site:

Interactive RetroFlow

Interactive RetroFlow is a flowcharter, and it was developed using Rapyd-Tk. Way down at the bottom of it's "Download" page there is a link where you can download the project file which can then be read into Rapyd-Tk.


Rapyd-Tk is an open-source project licensed under the GNU General Public License, version 2, and is thus available for no-charge and can be redistributed. Programs which are generated using Rapyd-Tk have no inherent license restrictions. The Rapyd-Tk team encourages project authors to release them as open-source, but project authors are free to license Rapyd-Tk generated code as they see fit, under either open-source or commercial licenses.

Rapyd-Tk is written entirely in Python and thus should run on any machine that supports Python. Rapyd-Tk requires Python version 2.6 or newer. Note that Rapyd-Tk will NOT work with Python 3.x.

Other than depending on Tkinter (which comes with Python) Rapyd-Tk neither requires nor depends on any other package. Rapyd-Tk supports the use of Pmw widgets in Rapyd-Tk generated projects but such use is fully optional.

To download the current version of Rapyd-Tk, click on this link:


Free Technical Support

That's right: free technical support. For a limited time only. Questions about how to use Rapyd-TK? Something not working? How best to do something using Rapyd-Tk? Email our technical support team as described in the next section; we'll do our best to help you.

IMPORTANT!!! This is technical support for Rapyd-Tk issues only. It is NOT technical support for straight Python questions or straight Tkinter questions: there are forums elsewhere for Python and Tkinter support and that is where such questions should be directed. But if you've got a question about Rapyd-Tk we would be happy to hear from you.


There used to be a Facebook group devoted to Rapyd-Tk but, tiring of Facebook constantly spamming me with ads and stuff I didn't want to see, I deleted my Facebook account. So, if you want to contact the Rapyd-Tk development team you will have to use email as described below.

We would be delighted to hear from you by email. Contact the Rapyd-Tk development team at: rapyd@bitflipper.ca

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you send email to the above address you MUST put the word "rapyd" somewhere in the subject line or it will be deleted by our spam filters. Since this is a publicly visible email address it attracts spam.